Program 2019

Friday 11.01.2019

Symphony concert „Nature sound - sound of nature“


Sinfonietta Dresden

Emre Elivar, Jan Michael Horstmann
Messiaen, Schulz, Scelsi, Baukholt

Annenkapelle, Görlitz



Sinfonietta Dresden
Emre Elivar, Piano
Jan Michael Horstmann, Coductor/ Presenter


How do we truely experience nature? What is the real significance of nature in our lives?


The Sinfonietta Dresden returns to give the opening concert of the Internationalen Messiaen-Tage. In a program inspired by the central role nature plays in Messiaen’s works, we hear a premier of ‚Wind’ from Dresdener Karoline Schulz, alongside works „Zugvögel“ (Carola Baukholts) and “natura renovatur” (Giacinto Scelsis), juxterposed with Messiaen’s own “Oiseaux exotiques” to give a ecclectic evening of musical evocations of the natural world.


© Emma Rothmann

Saturday 12.01.2019

Lecture and guided tour “Görlitz under the swastika”
Ines Haaser
Kulturhistorisches Museum Görlitz

10:00 – 10:45

Lecture and guided tour “Silesia during National Socialism
Dr Markus Bauer
Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz

11:00 – 11:45

Lecture “New home. Greeks in Zgorzelec and Görlitz”
Kazimierz Prosyniak
Dom Jakuba Böhme, Zgorzelec

13:00 – 14:00

City tour “Forced labor in Görlitz”
Dr Klara-Maeve O’Reilly
Meeting place: Altstadtbrücke

14:30 – 16:00

Chamber concert „Fremd bin ich eingezogen“


Asambura Ensemble

Schubert, Guth


Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz



Intercultural reinterpretation of Schubert’s Winterreise.


…home? …land? …homeland?? We meet a traveler: a stranger, a rejected lover. Homeless and directionless he wanders stranded in the no man’s land between his dreams and an oh-too-bitter reality. In this program, the intimate soundworld of Schubert’s song-cycle Winterreise is evocatively intertwined with Persian poetry and music. This treatment shines a exposing new light over the beloved masterpiece, creating an exciting audiovisual experience not to be missed.


© Emma Rothmann

Night owls concert „Ragtime Polonais“


Duo Masecki, Rogiewicz


Atelier Kremser, Görlitz



Marcin Masecki, Piano
Jerzy Rogiewicz, Drums


Join Marcin Masecki, one of Poland’s most versatile pianists, as he joins forces with longtime collaborator, percussionist Jerzy Rogiewicz, for a genre-defying take on classic Polish ragtime. Hear the relaxed beguiling melodies of 20‘s and 30‘s Jazz reimagined using classical form and rap influences. A joyous, not-to-be-missed evening of innovation and toe-tappin’ tunes.


© Emma Rothmann


Sunday 13.01.2019

German-Polish Holy Mass

Lied and lecture „Theodorakis // Except Zorbas“


Johanna Krumin, Markus Zugehör, René Hofschneider

Theodorakis, Schwab

Europäisches Zentrum Bildung, Erinnerung, Kultur in Zgorzelec 



Johanna Krumin, Soprano

Markus Zugehör, Piano

René Hofschneider, Text


Celebrated by Le Monde as „the new Stravinsky“, Mikis Theodorakis reached public renown both through his film compositions and his oratorio setting of Pablo Neruda’s Canto General. During this Matinée of words and music, his previously unpublished interviews are interspersed with his songs to give listeners a vivid and uncensored picture of the Paris of Boulez, Xenakis, Messiaen and Theoroakis himself.


© Emma Rothmann



Short tour of the former Stalag VIII A

Liederabend „Souvenirs d'enfance“


Wallis Giunta, Alden Gatt

Messiaen, Debussy, Ravel

Annenkapelle, Görlitz


Wallis Giunta, Mezzosopran
Alden Gatt, Piano


Die kanadische Mezzosopranistin Wallis Giunta und der amerikanische Pianist Alden Gatt entführen in die Kindheit Olivier Messiaens. Märchenfiguren, Naturerlebnisse, Shakespeares reiche Welt voller Liebe und Zauber sowie Elemente des Glaubens stellen dabei die Hauptthemen und werden von den musikalischen Vorbildern des Komponisten wie Debussy, Strawinsky und Ravel vertont. Im Zentrum des Liederabends stehen die Gedichte seiner Mutter, durch den Sohn in Musik verwandelt.

Monday 14.01.2019

Cultural Diversity and Identity

Music workshop for teenagers

Educational team of the Asambura Ensemble
Europäisches Zentrum Erinnerung, Bildung, Kultur in Zgorzelec

Exhibition opening „Der wien Vogel fliegen kann“

Armin Mueller-Stahl

Arbeiten auf Leinwand und Papier


Galerie Brüderstraße, Görlitz

Tuesday 15.01.2019

Guided tour of the former Stalag VIIIA

Chamber concert „Quartet for the end of time,
Stalag VIII A“


Hae-Sun Kang, Marc Coppey, Martin Adámek, Marie Vermeulin

Messiaen, Murail

Europäisches Zentrum Erinnerung, Bildung, Kultur in Zgorzelec



Martin Adámek, Clarinet
Marie Vermeulin, Piano
Hae-Sun Kang, Violine
Marc Coppey, Violoncello


Since 2008, the premiere of “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” has been commemorated on 15th January by a special performance at the place of it’s conception; Stalag VIII A. Internationale Messiaen-Tage this year goes one step further in their celebration of this haunting piece, by offering a program combining this seminal work with STALAG VIII A, the Polish Permiere by student of Messiaen, Tristan Murail.


© Emma Rothmann